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You Can Survive The Company Holiday Party!

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It’s Company Holiday Party Time! You are either excited about it or loathing the idea of having to spend yet another couple of hours with people who you have to already spend the majority of your life with. (Hopefully your situation is the former and not the latter) Either way, I support you and I want to get you through it unharmed, unbothered and with your dignity, respect and professionalism in tact. I offer 6 easy tips that will help you to survive your company holiday party:

  1. Show Up –  I image3am certain that there are a million other things that you could or maybe even want to be doing other than attending a party with the people who you spend 40+ hours of your life with every week, BUT, hear me out first. It’s not the daily recurring Monday morning team meeting that helps to building relationships. It is actually the random one-off similarities and conversations that you share about personal things, challenges and situations. While I’m not inferring that you should spill your deepest darkest secrets with your co-workers, I do recommend that you engage in casual, social conversations when the opportunity is appropriate. What better environment to do it in than the Company Holiday Party.
  2. Drink, (If You Want To) But Know Your Limit – I get it; an open bar filled with all the image2wine, champagne and liquor that you could ever yearn for is quite tempting, but know your limits. If you need to eliminate the constant nagging co-worker who wants you to keep drinking your life away well after you have reached your limits, try the club soda with a lime fix. It looks like a cocktail, but it most certainly is not.
  3. Dress To Kill, But Don’t Murder Your Career – If there is a dress code, stick to it. Don’t be the one person who wore a suit to your company’s Christmas Sweater themed party. Also, mind your sexy. I highly encourage dressing all the way up when its appropriate to do so, but be mindful of your outfit lengths, low cuts and fit.
  4. image1It’s A Party, Not A Meeting –  If Lisa did or did not send the report to you or if you plan to attend next week’s finance meeting are not really important tonight. Take this opportunity to get to know people personally and enjoy the festivities of the evening. Work is not going anywhere and will be there for you to discuss further on the next business day.
  5. Taking A Date?  Introduce Them! – If you are inviting someone as a date to your Company Holiday Party (or any party for that matter), introduce them! It is your responsibility to engage them in conversations.
  6. Turn Up… IN MODERATION –  I know that the word party is  clearly in the title of this event and while I encourage you to party, I also want you to acknowledge and accept the fact that this is still in many ways connected to work. Do party, do dance and do have fun, but always remember that you must have some limits. Set those limits before you step in the door and stick to them.  image4

Are you facing another upcoming holiday party challenge and you are trying to determine how to handle it? Just send the question our way.  Send a note using the form below or feel free to post your question on any of our various social media accounts by clicking them below!

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Happy Partying!



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How To Get the Competitive Edge

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The Personal TouchHow do you separate yourself from other people? What makes what you have the advantage, the edge or the pizzazz that makes you the “one” – the one that people want to work with, hire, collaborate with endorse or vouch for? Ask yourself, “what makes me special”?

Many of us are told, “you are special, unique and important and you were put here to do something special”. But are you? Are you special or is your special equally as unique and as rare as the next person’s, thus making you… perhaps not special?

What truly makes you different from everyone else?

That question brings me to a situation that happened last week. I finally went to see a movie that I’ve been dying to see for weeks, Kingsman. My over infatuation of James Bond and related movies made this a movie that I absolutely had to see. For the cherry on top, we went to IPica luxury movie theater that personifies what a magical movie experience is. The theater touts that they “combine the highest levels of comfort and service that turns an ordinary night out into an extraordinary escape” and they are absolutely correct. Your experience comes packed with over-sized, extra-cushioned leather seats in the Premium section, or sinfully decadent reclining seats in the Premium Plus level (complete with a personal blanket and pillow). Every seat is first-class with impeccable views of the big screen.

So, with all this to look forward to, we entered the movie theater and started looking for our pre-assigned reserved seats. After a few moments of looking and being slightly confused, we found that there was a couple already sitting in our seats. When the couple realized that they were in our seats, they quickly offered to give them up. But, for us to find out where they were supposed to sit and swap seats with them was an easier plan and every seat in this theater really is a good seat, so it wasn’t a big deal. We continued onward to our newly self-assigned seats. After we were seated, our server promptly came over with our complimentary popcorn and took our drink orders and we carried on without a thought of what was supposed to be our seats.

About 5 minutes later, we were quickly reminded of what was supposed to be our seats. A new waitress approached us and informed us that the couple who had inadvertently taken our seats wanted to buy us a round of drinks. What a pleasant surprise that was! Now truly, a genuine apology in this case was all that was needed, but they really wanted to show us that they were sorry for their misstep.

This is a perfect example of separating yourself from the rest. In Terri Wilson’s book, The Personal Touch, she shares simple and inspiring strategies anyone can use to achieve their goals and dreams. She also talks about using practical methods and opportunities to enhance relationships – applying your personal touch. That is the secret sauce to differentiating yourself from the rest – applying the personal touch and finding opportunities to be unique and a step ahead and above the rest! That one, simple quick gesture by the mystery couple went a really long way.

Scarlet Says…Most people have something that they dream and aspire for, but so do so many others. In this competitive, fast-moving, ever-changing world, it essential that you find ways to shine bright and separate yourself from others. Ask yourself, “what’s so special about me and what do I regularly do to separate myself from the rest”?

Until next time,



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