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Entrepreneurship not only takes a strong business plan and strategic thinking, but also an aptitude for building strong relationships. Scarlet’s Etiquette for Entrepreneurs hones in on the key life skills and etiquette necessary to communicate effectively with business partners and empower strong leadership to grow organizations and relationships. Topics that we cover in 1:1, Small and Large Group training’s include:

Goal Setting, Planning/Appearance and Dress: First and Lasting Impressions

Appropriate dress; outlook and body language; greetings: introducing yourself and others; remembering names; how to make eye contact and shake hands; what your voice says about you; and basic everyday civility and perspective analysis.

Networking – Developing Your Support System and “Board of Directors”

Proper dress; making an entrance; introductions/handshaking; how to mingle; conversation tips; business card protocol; and handling cocktail utensils.

Business and Social Dining

Business: Basic dining skills; planning a business lunch; demonstrating the silent service code; avoiding common dining mistakes; ordering, paying and tipping; timing when to talk business; the follow-up call; and thank-you notes.

Formal: American and Continental styles of dining; Formal dining etiquette; proper place settings; how to eat various types of foods dining dos and don’ts; conversation at the table; wine protocol; host and guest duties; toasting etiquette; post-dinner coffee and tea etiquette; and protocol for ordering, seating, tipping and paying.

Communication and Negotiation

Basic conversation principles; how to initiate and gracefully end conversations; the art of small talk; how to enter group conversations; how to keep a conversation going; how to improve your listening skills; public speaking and presentation skills; and, how to be an effective communicator.

Being Memorable With Class – Your Differentiator

Finding your differentiator; being strategically unique; identifying why you are different; determining your own PR advantage; building rapport for successful and healthy relationships; leadership skills; understanding and getting along with multiple personality types; understanding and communicating with the 4 generations in the workplace; understanding and communicating with diverse cultures; mastering organizational skills; “Embracing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and self-confidence building tips.

Written Communication

Writing with purpose; identifying how to communicate simply yet impactful; powerful and purposeful word selection.

Online Profiling and Social Networking

Creating and managing a professional and memorable online portfolio.

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