Client Case Study

2015 Scarlet - Year In Review (3)

As a trusted training and facilitation resource, providing etiquette and protocol training to youth, professionals, entrepreneurs and athletes,  Scarlet Communications has had the opportunity to work with individual and organization across the country, providing value added skills and knowledge to ensure personal and professional growth.


AKA – Emerging Young Leaders – The youth development program of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. relied on the expertise of Scarlet Communications to prepare their youth leaders between the ages of 8 and 12 with foundational etiquette and personal development training inclusive of appropriate dress, dining and table decorum, online and social media protocol and communication essentials.


Cotillion Society of Detroit – The Cotillion Society of Detroit and The Cotillion Society of Detroit Educational Foundation has, for 4 years, enlisted expertise to provide a series of workshops and hands on training to ensure that their annual debutantes are prepared to be presented at the annual Debutante Ball. The annual training is inclusive of topics that prepare young ladies for high school, college and professional success.


DC Mayor’s Office – Employment Services – Scarlet Communications assisted in ensuring that young professionals were prepared to obtain and retain employment through an in-depth training on interviewing skills and preparation, resume and cover letter creation and business and communication etiquette.


Delta GEMS – A youth development program of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. relied on Scarlet Communications’ expertise to ensure that their High School seniors were prepared for personal and professional success through hands on training on communication, business, grooming and dining etiquette.


Deloitte – Deloitte strategically recruits from a competitive pool of candidates across the country. In addition to recruitment activities, Deloitte ensures that these candidates are expose to and experience an important set of developmental skills. One of those skills is fine dining etiquette, which is facilitated by Scarlet Communications. We interactively takes the candidates through a series of intensive and engagement exercises that will prepare them for both formal and informal dining scenarios.


Department of Defense  – The Department of Defense enlisted the assistance and expertise of Scarlet Communications to provide professional etiquette training to a diverse set of employees. The presentation and training titled, Defend Your Career provided participants with the tools and knowledge to be proactive, diligent and present as it related to their career. Scarlet Communications provided relevant and real-time training that empowered participants to value relationships, be aware of their verbal and non verbal communication and take advantage of opportunities to build their personal and professional brand.


Detroit Lions – Now in the 4th year of providing etiquette training to the annual rookie players of the Detroit Lions, Scarlet Communications takes a unique and hands on approach to ensuring that players are prepared for success off the field. This program, designed as a 3-day training experience, commits to ensuring that players are prepared to attend business meetings, dress according to the situation and dress code, protect and grow their brand both on and offline, understand how to conduct one-self on the golf course and dine in both casual and formal settings.


Marygrove College – Marygrove College enlisted Scarlet Communications’ expertise to prepare their students with foundational etiquette and protocol with focuses on travel etiquette, business etiquette and social media etiquette.


Midnight Golf – Now in the 5th year of providing engaging and empowering etiquette training, Scarlet Communications annually provides dining, grooming and dress and business and career etiquette to both high school and young professionals of Midnight Golf.


National Association of Minority Automotive Dealers  – Scarlet Communications was enlisted to provide business and professional etiquette to emerging leaders of NAMAD. As young professionals either with minimal or no dealership management experience, Scarlet Communications facilitated business and professional etiquette training to them to ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate skills and knowledge for success. 


Rhonda Walker Foundation – The Rhonda Walker Foundation was the first organization to call upon Scarlet Communications to conduct etiquette training. As an organization that is committed to developing under served teen girls, Scarlet Communications has and continues to provide a full scale etiquette intensive inclusive of dining, grooming, business, social networking and travel etiquette.


Richmond Public Schools – Scarlet Communications has worked with both the students and faculty of Richmond Public Schools. With the youth, we provided a 1-day etiquette intensive, inclusive of business, communication and social media etiquette. For the adults, we was enlisted to provide multiple etiquette training’s as part of quarterly professional development.


UAW-FORD – UAW Ford has been an etiquette and youth development partner providing resources to ensure that youth have exposure and access to personal and professional etiquette. Scarlet Communications has worked with UAW Ford for multiple years with youth and future leaders providing them with essential skill and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

University Preparatory Schools -Scarlet Communications worked with University Prep Grade and High Schools providing teen focused etiquette that on respect, communication, business etiquette and professionalism among their peer and with adults.


WDIV – TV 4 – Scarlet Communications was brought in to facilitate a professional development training with the IT professionals of WDIV TV4. As an essential and critical function of the organization, IT professionals were provided the necessary engaging skills and knowledge to ensure professionalism, relationship building, relatability and communication etiquette.

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