Customer Service Etiquette


Scarlet Says… Customer Service has one key word that should be kept in mind – “customer”. The success or demise of a business is strongly indicative of how the customer is treated. If you want your business to succeed and thrive, take special care in how you treat your biggest asset – your customer!

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Common topic coverage includes (but is not limited to):


Topic Coverage


Appearance, professionalism, representing yourself and the organization professionally

•Dress appropriately

•Understand the importance of working in the office; wear business casual attire and understand the importance of being groomed (body and hair)

•Understand the importance of appropriate jewelry usage, being mindful of piercings and tattoos

•Understand the importance of keeping person habits/hobbies to oneself

Comprehensive business professionalism. Greetings, salutations and addressing with respect.

•Identify appropriate business clothing

•Utilize cell phone responsibly and keep clients a priority

•Use company email responsibly

•Address superiors and clients appropriately

•Check voicemail and respond to messages in a timely manner

•Prepare for training classes and communication and ensure timely arrival along with asking applicable questions and using training information to succeed

•Remain professional even in situations where a relationship has been developed

Interfacing with employees, superiors and clients in a professional manner

•Respecting punctuality or let a supervisor/client know if you are running late

•Respecting culture and embracing it with families

•Properly introduce themselves and maintain a conversation

•Ensure the timely reply of voicemail messages

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