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You Can Survive The Company Holiday Party!

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It’s Company Holiday Party Time! You are either excited about it or loathing the idea of having to spend yet another couple of hours with people who you have to already spend the majority of your life with. (Hopefully your situation is the former and not the latter) Either way, I support you and I want to get you through it unharmed, unbothered and with your dignity, respect and professionalism in tact. I offer 6 easy tips that will help you to survive your company holiday party:

  1. Show Up –  I image3am certain that there are a million other things that you could or maybe even want to be doing other than attending a party with the people who you spend 40+ hours of your life with every week, BUT, hear me out first. It’s not the daily recurring Monday morning team meeting that helps to building relationships. It is actually the random one-off similarities and conversations that you share about personal things, challenges and situations. While I’m not inferring that you should spill your deepest darkest secrets with your co-workers, I do recommend that you engage in casual, social conversations when the opportunity is appropriate. What better environment to do it in than the Company Holiday Party.
  2. Drink, (If You Want To) But Know Your Limit – I get it; an open bar filled with all the image2wine, champagne and liquor that you could ever yearn for is quite tempting, but know your limits. If you need to eliminate the constant nagging co-worker who wants you to keep drinking your life away well after you have reached your limits, try the club soda with a lime fix. It looks like a cocktail, but it most certainly is not.
  3. Dress To Kill, But Don’t Murder Your Career – If there is a dress code, stick to it. Don’t be the one person who wore a suit to your company’s Christmas Sweater themed party. Also, mind your sexy. I highly encourage dressing all the way up when its appropriate to do so, but be mindful of your outfit lengths, low cuts and fit.
  4. image1It’s A Party, Not A Meeting –  If Lisa did or did not send the report to you or if you plan to attend next week’s finance meeting are not really important tonight. Take this opportunity to get to know people personally and enjoy the festivities of the evening. Work is not going anywhere and will be there for you to discuss further on the next business day.
  5. Taking A Date?  Introduce Them! – If you are inviting someone as a date to your Company Holiday Party (or any party for that matter), introduce them! It is your responsibility to engage them in conversations.
  6. Turn Up… IN MODERATION –  I know that the word party is  clearly in the title of this event and while I encourage you to party, I also want you to acknowledge and accept the fact that this is still in many ways connected to work. Do party, do dance and do have fun, but always remember that you must have some limits. Set those limits before you step in the door and stick to them.  image4

Are you facing another upcoming holiday party challenge and you are trying to determine how to handle it? Just send the question our way.  Send a note using the form below or feel free to post your question on any of our various social media accounts by clicking them below!

Until Next Time,

Happy Partying!



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Beer Etiquette

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BeerAfter wrapping up a fantastic and spontaneous get away on Hilton Head Island this past weekend, I was inspired by my friend Brett, to share a few new nuggets that I acquired while I was there. The acquired taste of beer has not been something that I was given, but I’m very aware that is a want and desire of so many others, so… let’s focus on beer this week. As you probably already know, today  is  the nationally observed holiday, Memorial Day, and many of us are engaging in a very common past time, BBQ’s! With BBQ’s comes another famous past time, which is consuming beer.

Did you know that there are over 15,000 breweries in the world, over 56,000 types of beers, and that in the US, Vermont has the most breweries per capita of any state in the US.*

Clearly, one thing is for certain; people surely love their beer. But,  with so many people consuming beer, it makes me wonder, how many are consuming beer the “right” way.  Since I acquired some new beer knowledge over the weekend, it is indeed my duty to share this new knowledge with you. So, here we go. Today, as you indulge in your Samuel Adams, Magic Hat, Bells Two Hearted Ale, Guinness or another one of our local faves, keep these things in mind:

  1. Treat your beer like wine. The acids in the beer have to release, so when you first open it, be sure to “let it breathe” or release the acids.
  2. If your bartender or host/hostess gives you a coaster, be sure to use the coaster. While drinking beer can surely seem like a casual type of activity, the surface in which your beer is resting on can be affected by “perspiring bottles” or liquids.
  3. If you are pouring your beer into a glass out of the bottle, pour it at an angle to reduce the “head” or the amount of foam.
  4. Expand your horizons. Do you always order the same beer? With over 56,000 beers in the world, there must surely be another that will tempt your taste buds. During your next beer outing, try something new.
  5. The appropriate tip for a beer is $1 per beer. If you’re running a tab, give the standard 15-20%. Consider that bartenders live off  of their tips. If you get served, be prepared to compensate for this service.

National Beer Day is April 7th, so when this day rolls around next year, you’ll be good to go with the tips above.

Happy Memorial Day and enjoy your nice cold ones!

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