Athletes In Motion


Athletes in Motion, the athletic life skills program of Scarlet Communications, provides strategic and effective etiquette coaching and training to professional, collegiate and high school athletes. A professional well-rounded athlete is prepared to win both on and off the field. Scarlet prepares athletes for success during press conferences, in social settings, in the off season, in the boardroom, in the locker room at the dinner table and in their every day, day-to-day lives. Scarlet Communications would like to prepare your players for success both on and off the field. Our customized and interactive training is designed to provide players with the core business, dining, social networking, grooming and communication life skills to be successful and confident in various situations both in personal and professional environments.

Training is designed to address 5 core areas:

  1. Business Etiquette
  2. Communication Etiquette
  3. Dining Etiquette
  4. Social Networking
  5. Grooming Etiquette

Other interactive areas that can be covered include: • Personal Branding and Coaching presenter •Suit and Dress presentation with a Male Clothier

Athletic Etiquette Case Study – Detroit Lions

Situation: Scarlet Communications was engaged to provide etiquette training to the rookie players of the Detroit Lions. Detroit Lions administration wanted to ensure that their rookie players were prepared for success both on and off of the field in the areas of business, communication, outing, social networking and dining Solution: Scarlet Communications designed and facilitated a 3-day etiquette session both at the onsite training facility and offsite at a nearby facility. The training directly addressed the challenges that young professional athletes face while trying to maintain a professional career and a personal lifestyle. The interactive training welcomed 7 Lions Rookies and exposed them to proper and necessary business and personal etiquette training that benefited both the Detroit Lions as a team and the individual players. All players reacted positively to the 3-day training and immediately begin incorporating newly learned skills as they continue to do currently. “Scarlet Communications has once again provided an interactive, in-depth and engaging etiquette training for our rookie players. As we continually look to prepare, develop and position our players for success both on and off the field, we are thankful to work with a professional organization like Scarlet, who provided a 3-day intense etiquette training that will benefit our players for years to come.” – Dr. Galen R. Duncan, Detroit Lions, Senior Director of Player Development

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