Individual Meet Scarlet Classes

Who Are Individual Meet Scarlet Classes For?

Individuals classes are designed for parents, grandparents and guardians who want to provide a life-lasting experience and skills that will prepare their young adults for success.

Introductory Courses:

Meet Scarlet I* Introductory Course
Meet Scarlet II Advanced Skills Course

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What is Meet Scarlet?

A life skills training program that teaches real world etiquette to youth. To ensure that we are teaching the most effective and meaningful information for our youth, we continuously evaluate our content, current social trends and practices. We then conduct research to validate or revise our curriculum.

Why Choose Meet Scarlet?

We have researched, tested and developed  training that will provide youth with the knowledge and skills to confidently and appropriately interact with other young adults and prepare them for the future.

We guarantee that each student retains the knowledge by offering ongoing follow-up with engaging check lists like the Scarlet Connect – Post Training Check In. In Meet Scarlet classes, students learn critical, life-lasting skills in person, including:

  1. Learning and Immediately Practicing Face to Face Social Skills
  2. Confidently Speaking About Themselves
  3. Effectively Work In Groups

Classes are designed for students aged 9-17.

 Other Specialized Courses:

Communication Etiquette*

Social Networking Etiquette*

Grooming Etiquette*

Dining Etiquette*

Business Etiquette I*

Business Etiquette II

Dating Etiquette

Outing Etiquette

Travel Etiquette

Athletic Etiquette

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