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International Tipping Guidelines

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International leisure travel is exciting, but there are some things that you should keep in mind in order to ensure a successful getaway.

The one thing that you’ll certainly need on this journey is money. Even if it’s an all-inclusive, all expenses paid journey, you still need a bit of pocket change – just because. Also, there may be a hostess, maitre d’ or hospitality professional that goes above and beyond and you just want to show your appreciation.

The tipping rules can vary widely from country to country, so Scarlet wants to ensure that you are well prepared and aware of the standards.

Check out the international tipping guide, by clicking here

Safe and happy travels!

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ASK SCARLET – “Is the delivery charge the same as a tip for a food delivery?”

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ASK SCARLET: If a restaurant charges a delivery fee, do you still tip the driver?  My delivery fee is $3.50. I kinda think it’s unfair to have to tip and be charged a fee.  – Concerned Food Delivery Recipient

SCARLET SAYS:  The delivery driver’s tip and the service fee often get confused, but they are not the same. The service charge is  a fee that typically goes back to the restaurant for various administrative things, but this amount is not the same as a tip for your driver. That tip amount should be based on the pre-tax amount of your food bill. 10% is the minimum, but somewhere between 15-20% should be considered if it was a difficult delivery or if, for example, they battled bad weather or a long hike to get to you. Enjoy that delivery!

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