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Destressing By Picking The Right Clothes

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Guest Blogger: Tiara Nicole Robinson of RuthEllen

The Business


So, it seems that along with growth, both professionally and personally, comes more responsibility.  As the gained responsibility increases, so does the need for more time and for some reason, time seems to quickly and quietly just…slip away.   (*Gasp* “Is it 8 o’clock AREADY!!?”)  On top of that, throw in the variable of stress to the equation.  Basically, this is what grown life is.  I am learning (as  a long-term pupil of this subject) how to focus and how to best take advantage of the 24 hours each day that we are all dealt with.

With that said, for some of us it is easy to lose ourselves in our day-to-day activities and we could care less about what we’re looking like, as long as it’s presentable.  Now, don’t get me wrong, presentable is OK.  But, did you know that you can look presentable with a twist of FAB almost any day?

For this post, let’s talk about The Business – The Business of looking good professionally.  This doesn’t have to be complicated, especially now since the minimalist look is definitely in and it works well for the office.  By learning and honing in on the business style that works for you, you can build a focused wardrobe that will have you looking like THAT DEAL when you step into the board room.  Let me share some tips…


We all know that a good tailored suit is always a win.  But what about when you want to break away from the usual but you don’t want to look like your 3rd grade daughter’s latest art project?  There’s a focused, fabulous, minimalist look just for you.

Try this—a pencil skirt in a shade of gray, tan or olive color with a neutral color blocked blouse.  A color blocked top in perhaps white/black (which is SO in) will add the interest and the pencil skirt safely accentuates the femininity and speaks power.  Pair this outfit with a low to medium height heel and a low-key statement jewelry piece or a classic string of pearls.  Remember to keep a fresh natural palette on the face as well.  A toned down red lip would be okay though.   Walk into that boardroom then WORK (and WERK)!


Some men struggle with trying to fashionably stand out in the office without looking like they are going to a Saturday night cabaret.  Men should steer VERY clear of cotton candy colored suits and shoes.  Classic navy, grey, brown and blacks are basically the way to go when it comes to a suit or slacks.  For men, it’s the minimal details that are the classiest.  If you’re not already on it, try French cuff shirts and express your individualism with a good pair of cuff links.  As a matter of fact, start a cuff link collection!  They can range from dressy blinged-out links to #1 Dad links to your favorite NFL team.   Have you got a few bow ties?  Pair one with a vest over the French cuff shirt with the slacks if you are bored with wearing a suit coat.  Or, add the sports jacket as an extra layer.  A clean face and perhaps a classic hat (for outdoors only) are nice added touches.


When out shopping, to upgrade your existing wardrobe, purchase pieces separately yet complimentary.  By that, I mean feel free to purchase that black and tan checked blouse or tie if black and tan are colors that you are attracted to and you’re comfortable in.  Don’t think so much at the time of purchase what you will wear it with.  If you are feeling it, then most likely in the past, you were feeling something complimentary to it.  Then when you get home, “shop” your closet for items that will piece well with the new purchase.   Work towards enhancing your business wardrobe with a sense of style, focus and power and watch your swag increase tenfold as you step into your next business venture.

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How’s the pressure?

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Regardless of if you are male or female, there is nothing more heavenly than a real good thorough shampoo job.

Most of us have encountered that one person who is an excellent shampoo assistant at the salon. But, what do you do when they finish?

Do you just proceed to your stylist and not even consider tipping them? Perhaps you are unaware that tipping them is appropriate and quite frankly the right thing to do. Well, when you know better, you do better.

So, YES, you should tip your shampoo person. The going rate to tip for a shampoo assistant is $2.00-$5.00.

Now of course if your stylist does the whole jobs from beginning to end, you would tip them for their entire work, which should range from 15% to 20%.

Scarlet could go for a good shampoo right now…

Until next time…

— SC

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