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Trick or Treating: Share the basics with your kids

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Trick or treating makes Halloween one of kids’ favorite days of the year. Please be mindful that as with everything else in life there is a right and a wrong way to trick or treat. It is only right that Scarlet helps you by giving you a few tips that will aid in knowing the right way to have fun and get the best treats during Halloween!

  1. Wear a costume… If you are going trick-or-treating wear an appropriate costume. Halloween is not an excuse to dress in a way that you would not normally. Masks are fun and often scare little kids, however most people answering their doors are not a fan of these. Wearing make-up is a great substitute for a mask.
  2. Look for a doorbell… Ring it once, and once only. If there is not a doorbell it is okay to knock, again once only. Give the people time to answer the door. Do not continue to knock and ring the doorbell. It may take a few seconds…relax the treats are coming! 
  3. Say, “trick-or-treat”… It is why you are there, so say it happily. People at the door may ask questions and say things about your costumes. Answer them politely and smile.
  4. Say “Thank You!”… There is nothing people like to hear more than a ‘thank you’ when they are sharing with you. If your kids need a little prompting, do it.
  5. Go to a house once… It is not good Halloween etiquette to go back to a house you have already been to.
  6. If the lights are off the house is closed… This means that they have either run out of candy or they are not there.
  7.  SORRY but if you have a driver’s license you are too old. The only exception to this rule is if you are taking a younger sibling trick-or-treating.
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