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Teamwork Changes Lives

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Screenshot_2014-12-01-09-34-53Sometimes you sit and daydream about what you could do, wish to do or want to do someday. And then sometimes, you actually ask people to assist you and walaa, like magic, things just start to happen.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been a pretty adamant supporter of the Adopt A Child for Christmas in Detroit. It’s a fantastic program that helps to ensure that no child or family gets left out of the magic and joy that happens during the holiday months. My good friend Cassie Williams and her mother (AKA, the Community Renegades) have – for years – pleasantly strong armed a small army of folks into participating and ensuring that their commitments are upheld and fulfilled.

This year I thought it would be great to do even more. In years past, I’ve personally seen the growth and impact of this movement and witnessed my closest friends annually commit to this event. And 5 years later, my friends continue to support.

It gives me great pleasure that this year, the Scarlet Communications team has stepped up and as a collective group, we’re participating in Adopt A Child. Yes, you can be awesome, accomplish greatness and be dynamic on your own. But, with a team you can do even more.

Cheers to the Scarlet Communications Team!

Thank you for all that you do for our current, future and aspiring leaders and thank you for helping the world the change the way we all think about etiquette.

This one’s for you!

Until next time,


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To Spend or not to Spend? Gift Giving Etiquette

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The holidays can be stressful as we rush out to the stores to purchase gifts for our family and friends. We often times end up spending more than we plan to and promise ourselves to cut back in years to come. Well what happens when you do want to save money this year and bow out of Christmas gift giving, even though you know Aunt Mary and Uncle John wont miss you on their list this year? Scarlet has the answer to this, and it really comes down to being upfront and honest!

Do not feel like you have to disclose every detail of your financial situation. There is nothing wrong with explaining to family and friends that we are all time-strapped and economically strapped these days, let’s just do lunch or something else that does not directly involve gift giving on Christmas. If you receive gifts from family and friends even though you did not purchase gifts for them, do not stress! Thank the giver for the gift and graciously express your pleasure and genuine surprise at such a thoughtful gesture. A heartfelt thank you note is also a sincere and cheap way to show the giver that you are appreciative.

The holidays are not just about receiving and giving gifts so do not give in to the pressure. Remind yourself and others of the true meaning of Christmas and other Holidays. Spend time with friends and family, volunteer with local organizations for a good cause. Make someone else’s Holiday great without spending all of your savings!

…until next time…

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