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It’s The End of March – Are You Mad?

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I hate to break the news to you, but we’ve already seen 1/4th of this year pass us by! It is the absolutely last day of March and some of you may be wondering, when am I going to find the time to do all of those amazing things that I had on my list of resolutions?!?!

Well, just like we recycle and remix music, past fashion trends, movies and TV shows, we have the pleasure of doing the same thing as it relates to our personal growth and goals.

In January, we placed a strong focus on Goal Setting and in February, we followed it up with Staying Focused. If you’ve found yourself struggling to determine where your time went, what you’ve truly accomplished this year or what your next steps should be, don’t look too far or too hard because the help that you need is just a few lines up highlighted in blue and conveniently underlined.

We spend so much time trying to figure things out or work on ourselves that often times, the answers are right in front of us. If you are trying to focus on professional development for yourself, you have an arsenal of information at your fingertips via the internet. You probably also have a slew of books on your book shelf that you’ve been meaning to visit (or revisit) at some point in your life. You also likely have a network of friends, family acquaintances who are skilled in something that you want to be proficient in…(READ MORE)

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When Customer Service Goes… Good?

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About 4 years ago, we were in the market for a travel agent to assist with planning our wedding in Mexico. Although I’ve had a significant amount of experience in wedding planning, doing so internationally wasn’t quite my thing, so I knew that I needed an experienced travel agent. With all of the do it yourself options online nowadays, coming across an experienced and dedicated travel agent seemed almost impossible.

I recall that some dear friends of ours, the now married coupled, Mack and Linda Ornsby Hendricks, had just hosted a beautiful wedding in Costa Rica, so I reached out to see if they had used anyone to assist, and luckily they did. Now, at a first pass, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. Brenda has an email address that ends in comcast.net, which always makes me a bit eerie. I always expect that in business, a company or person should have a non-public domain name, but I digress. I pushed that piece of information to the side and took the recommendation at face value and reached out to her and I’m so happy that I did.

This is where the, now 4 year relationship, with our travel agent began. Mack and Linda referred us to a woman named Brenda Stock, who has been our consistent, reliable and dedicated travel agent since we’ve met her. While I take recommendations from my friends seriously, Brenda has surpassed the recommendation and went above and beyond proving that she is a highly qualified resource. She has even planned trips for my friends and family because of our recommendations. I was recently doing a brief tally in my head of how many trips she has planned for us or from a recommendation from us and that number is quite impressive.

But why? What has made Brenda’s service so outstanding and even caused me to push some usually, baseline business basics to the side. It really boils down to 4 things:

  • Consistence
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Industry Knowledge

Over the past 4 years, every encounter with Brenda has had the 4 components above. Unlike many professionals, who get used to your business, then begin to be a bit more lax in their responsiveness or professionalism, this is not the case for Brenda. The even more ironic and partially amazing things about this business relationship is that I’ve never physically met Brenda before; all of our encounters have been either via phone or email, which is completely against how I prefer to do business. Brenda gives her perspective of industry specifics and recommendations and she consistently meets or exceeds our expectations. In an industry where most people take to the Internet to “self serve” their travel needs, it’s nice to have a reliable professional who consistently exceeds expectations and does so with professionalism, industry knowledge and impeccable response time.

Scarlet Says… Customer Service has one key word that should be kept in mind – “customer”. The success or demise of a business is strongly indicative of how the customer is treated. If you want your business to succeed and thrive, take special care in how you treat your biggest asset – your customer.

Until next time,


Want to learn more about Customer Service Etiquette and how it can enhance your organization, just click HERE!

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Being Focused Can Save Your Life!

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CelebrationWhat is it that you really want to do? Where do you want to really spend your time?
Although most of us spend a substantial amount of time working hard – really hard, it’s not where we want to spend all of our time.
Most of us want to spend the majority of our time enjoying friends and family, relaxing, taking vacations or participating in our favorite hobbies, activities and celebrations. Most of us do not want to spend every waking hour working our lives away. But, unfortunately, many of us do. We spend more time in our offices or with our co-workers and colleagues than we do on the things that we value the most.
So, how does this happen? It happens because we often lack focus.
Think about what you’ve done just today. READ MORE…

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Are You Done Dating Your Mate?

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Photo Courtesy of: ashleyyoung8.blogspot.com 

You’ve found the one – the one person who does it for you. They’re pretty much everything that you wanted to have in a mate and things have gone just magically.

So, your relationship progresses, then you decide, let’s expand our relationship a bit. Perhaps you’ve thought, “well, we’re pretty good people, so let’s populate the world with more little people like us”. You agree to procreate and commence to going half on a baby.

Congratulations, the baby arrives and then something less magical appears to begin happening. You and your mate no longer have time for each other anymore. The baby has completely taken over any of the free time and money that you once had.

This is a recent scenario that has been shared with us numerous times and couples are frustrated because they really want that old thing back-the romance, the desire to feel special or just an acknowledgment of the sacrifices they are making to make the relationship work.

So, what do you do if you’re in this situation? What do you do if you feel like your relationship as you once knew it is being hijacked by your children, your career, your parents or your business?

You’re pretty much going to have to revisit the basics. The same things things that you diligently engaged in to initially secure your mate will have to be dusted off and revisited.

  • Did you once take your mate out on spontaneous dates?
  • Did you used to send flowers or lunch to them without warning?
  • Did you used to make their favorite meal or snack and surprise them with it?

Well, guess what? It’s still OK to do these things.

Regardless of which role you play in the relationship, you have an opportunity to make your mate feel special in spite of timing challenges by just revising the simple, little things.

Your career, your children, your entrepreneurial endeavors. All of those things will always require your attention and there will always be items competing for your time. Your mate – the one that once made you feel giddy, special and admired enough to win your heart is still in there.

Scarlet Says…Take the time to tend to what’s important and special to you. You deserve it, your mate deserves it and your healthy, thriving relationship will thank you later.


Until next time,







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Doesn’t it seem like time just comes and goes so quickly? I mean – we all just welcomed the new year of 2016 and we’ve also welcomed and will soon say good bye to the month of January. With all of life’s commitments, it may leave you wondering, where does all of your time go and when will you really be able to find the time to complete all of the goals that you’ve set for yourself this year? (READ MORE)…

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How Many Followers Does Your Baby Have?

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Facebook-babyIt is truly the season of baby making and baby having. In this past year alone, I’ve witnessed or been told of at least 10 pregnancies. New babies are exciting. The whole process is exciting. I mean, the miracle of birth truly is pretty amazing, but with the miracle of birth comes the management of not only your baby, but the people who you choose to let your baby be around.

Just a few weeks ago, I went to visit a friend who recently had a beautiful baby boy. In true Scarlet fashion, I stopped and picked up some food for the couple –  Bucharest to be exact,  a metro Detroit area favorite and food that I knew that the couple would enjoy.

Scarlet Says… when visiting a family who just had a baby, do consider bringing some food or snacks to alleviate some of the stress of cooking.

To my surprise, when I arrived the baby was awake (hurray). It seems that newborns are always asleep, so it was great to get a little bit of eyes open time with the handsome little man. It was only a matter of time before the expected happened – the camera came out. Now, personally, I like babies and I like pictures, so I struck a pose while holding the baby over my shoulder and then went back to our conversation. The mother is a dear friend of mine and we had a lot of catching up to do, so  we chatted it up for a while about everything from career, to child-birth to when we would have some out of the house time together again. I made sure to not focus the entire conversation on the baby. This woman is my friend and although she is a wife and now a mother, it’s essential for me to ask her about her, her well-being and how she is doing, because if she isn’t doing well herself, it’s going to be hard for all of her other roles in life to succeed.

Scarlet Says… even when your friends take on new personal or professional roles, remember that at their core still remains a human, a person and your friend. Make it a point to check in on them and their well-being, not always the add-on accomplishments and roles that they’ve taken on along the way. 

We were able to spend a solid 60-90 minutes together, which comparatively speaking is short for us, but was just the right fix to at least catch us up on life in general.

Scarlet Says… as much as you may want to spend all the time in the world with a new baby or even a mother in the hospital after birth, limit your stay. There are likely lots of other people in line and also, the couple will need to rest and recharge and most importantly tend to the baby often.

So, after I left I proceeded on to the rest of my always busy day until I got a nice little text message containing a picture a short while after. What a pleasant surprise – the picture of me and the little one. I was excited to see that it came out so well. Shortly after, I thought, what a nice addition to my other baby photos and I considered posting it on my Instagram page. Then, I paused and thought, wait… I have not seen one photo of this baby on social media. While the mother did not give me any explicit directions to not post, my common sense detector kicked in and said, let me ask for permission first. Upon asking, the mother said, “thank you for asking, we are not posting public photos yet”.

Scarlet Says… new babies are exciting; they’re cute, cuddly, innocent and just so nice to be around. But if it’s not your child, it’s not your place to go around spreading the likeness of their image on social media. There are all kinds of reasons why parents choose to not post photos of their children from safety to privacy. Even if it’s not explicitly said to not post, think twice about what images you are posting that are not you, about you or belong to you and when appropriate ask for permission. 

Until Next Time,

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My Kids & Family Are Great, But What About Me?

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Aggravated ParentThink about your friends who have children. How do your conversations typically go?

This weekend while visiting home (Detroit), I was so elated to catch up with quite a few of my friends, many of whom have or are expecting children. The conversations with my friends with children or a spouse always started out with the normal pleasantries, including the “how are you’s” and “how’s the job”, etc. In almost every case, the next few questions (for those that have kids) b-lined right for their family. Because I genuinely wanted to know how their children and partners were doing, I innocently asked, “so, how are the little ones” or “how is your other half”. In almost every case, they said “fine, they’re all doing fine” and were ready to move on to another subject. Now, I’ve encountered some unfortunate responses in the past when I’ve asked about the family, so I tread lightly when asking these days. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than learning about a recent divorce or a child who is terminally ill, while innocently asking, so “how’s your family”, but it happens and when it does you sympathetically deal with it.

The one thing that I picked up on this past weekend is a simple concept that most parents will likely appreciate and it is this…while people might have children or a spouse, they are more than just a parent or a spouse. So, let’s just be honest here. You do sometimes run across that (maybe new) parent that ONLY talks about their children and acts as if they did not exist before their children or spouse came along, and for those people carry on. But while my friends who are parents and have partners are great in both of those roles, the reality is that most of them want to be and are more than that. Being a parent or a spouse/partner is fine and awesome, but there are so many other roles that a person is, will be or wants to be and that too should be considered and respected.

Scarlet Says…It is perfectly fine and courteous to ask about your friends’ family when you see them. But, it’s OK as well to continue the conversation and ask about them. How are they doing? What’s new with them? What goals do they have? Allow your friends to be more than just one thing, if they want to be. Life can be much too short to do, experience, be or strive for just one or two things and while having a family and a spouse can be magical, so can all the other things that are possible as well.

Until next time,



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Do You Suffer From “What’s Next” Syndrome?

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Rhonda Walker takes a look at the Lions secret weapon

Rhonda Walker takes a look at the Lions secret weapon







Lions prep young players for tough situations.

The last few week’s have been an absolute whirlwind in the Scarlet world! Thankfully, it’s been a pleasant whirlwind. The phenomenal feature of our work by Rhonda Walker on WDIV TV 4 has created a great deal of buzz for us and we’re thankful to their entire production team and staff.

This exciting buzz has certainly attributed to our next few months, which are filled with exciting opportunities from dinner parties across the country where we’ll be teaching hands on dinner party etiquette to adults in a fun dining setting, to our venture into our 9th state (Kentucky) and even our first international opportunity in London in October. But, before we hop on another plane, before another taxi is hailed or before we hear All Aboard from the conductor once again, we must pause for this most important cause…

There has and always is this other thing that we are ALL constantly dealing with; the issue of “what’s next”? I am an advocate of continuously looking ahead and asking what’s the next move, the next angle or the newest innovative idea to make some substantial change in the lives that we touch and the work that we do. While there is clearly nothing wrong with that mindset, it can be a detriment to your well-being.  I mean, if you’re always wondering what’s next, you’re never truly enjoying the what’s now! You’ll be working, brainstorming, strategizing, sacrificing and grinding all for the benefit of just working strategizing, sacrificing and grinding. Where does the relaxing, traveling, splurging or just being come in to play? When will you just take a mere 24 hours and genuinely be proud of your accomplishments, celebrate just a little, then get back to business?

Try using these 3 tips to ensure that you are celebrating your accomplishments, instead of quickly acknowledging them and whisking off to the next item on your never ending to-do list:

  1. Thank Your Team – Someone likely helped you with this awesome task. Take a moment to genuinely thank them. Can you believe that there are some managers, some team members and some leaders who NEVER thank their teams? A simple thank you is the most genuine and inexpensive way to recognize someone.
  2. Treat Yourself – Treating yourself isn’t always splurging on the newest gadget, the latest handbag or a luxurious trip to an all-inclusive. It can be something simple, like giving yourself permission to just unplug. Chances are, money doesn’t manifest out of thin air for you, so take advantage of small ways to treat yourself that don’t break the bank.
  3. Acknowledgement –  Take a deep breathe, somewhere alone or in a comfortable space and say “I’m proud of _______________________ (whatever your accomplishment is)“. Things are much more real when they are said aloud. You can think something all day long, but when its said, it’s real and even more believable. Acknowledge to yourself that you’ve done this, your proud of it and happy to have done it.

Scarlet Says… if you too suffer from the “what’s next” syndrome, it’s not all bad news. Let’s face it, there are lots of people who live in the now and never in the what’s next, so someone has to do it. But, avoid missing the opportunity to bask in your now. Your ability to celebrate you, your team, your wins and even the painful losses is how you get to your next. While I constantly recommend and advocate that we show good etiquette to others, the ability to show good etiquette to yourself, to be proud of your accomplishments and reflect on them before moving on, is the best recipe for life balance for personal fulfillment and for success.

Until next time…



See the full interview with Rhonda Walker and WDIV TV 4 by clicking below:

Lions prep young players for tough situations

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