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Do You Suffer From “What’s Next” Syndrome?

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Rhonda Walker takes a look at the Lions secret weapon

Rhonda Walker takes a look at the Lions secret weapon







Lions prep young players for tough situations.

The last few week’s have been an absolute whirlwind in the Scarlet world! Thankfully, it’s been a pleasant whirlwind. The phenomenal feature of our work by Rhonda Walker on WDIV TV 4 has created a great deal of buzz for us and we’re thankful to their entire production team and staff.

This exciting buzz has certainly attributed to our next few months, which are filled with exciting opportunities from dinner parties across the country where we’ll be teaching hands on dinner party etiquette to adults in a fun dining setting, to our venture into our 9th state (Kentucky) and even our first international opportunity in London in October. But, before we hop on another plane, before another taxi is hailed or before we hear All Aboard from the conductor once again, we must pause for this most important cause…

There has and always is this other thing that we are ALL constantly dealing with; the issue of “what’s next”? I am an advocate of continuously looking ahead and asking what’s the next move, the next angle or the newest innovative idea to make some substantial change in the lives that we touch and the work that we do. While there is clearly nothing wrong with that mindset, it can be a detriment to your well-being.  I mean, if you’re always wondering what’s next, you’re never truly enjoying the what’s now! You’ll be working, brainstorming, strategizing, sacrificing and grinding all for the benefit of just working strategizing, sacrificing and grinding. Where does the relaxing, traveling, splurging or just being come in to play? When will you just take a mere 24 hours and genuinely be proud of your accomplishments, celebrate just a little, then get back to business?

Try using these 3 tips to ensure that you are celebrating your accomplishments, instead of quickly acknowledging them and whisking off to the next item on your never ending to-do list:

  1. Thank Your Team – Someone likely helped you with this awesome task. Take a moment to genuinely thank them. Can you believe that there are some managers, some team members and some leaders who NEVER thank their teams? A simple thank you is the most genuine and inexpensive way to recognize someone.
  2. Treat Yourself – Treating yourself isn’t always splurging on the newest gadget, the latest handbag or a luxurious trip to an all-inclusive. It can be something simple, like giving yourself permission to just unplug. Chances are, money doesn’t manifest out of thin air for you, so take advantage of small ways to treat yourself that don’t break the bank.
  3. Acknowledgement –  Take a deep breathe, somewhere alone or in a comfortable space and say “I’m proud of _______________________ (whatever your accomplishment is)“. Things are much more real when they are said aloud. You can think something all day long, but when its said, it’s real and even more believable. Acknowledge to yourself that you’ve done this, your proud of it and happy to have done it.

Scarlet Says… if you too suffer from the “what’s next” syndrome, it’s not all bad news. Let’s face it, there are lots of people who live in the now and never in the what’s next, so someone has to do it. But, avoid missing the opportunity to bask in your now. Your ability to celebrate you, your team, your wins and even the painful losses is how you get to your next. While I constantly recommend and advocate that we show good etiquette to others, the ability to show good etiquette to yourself, to be proud of your accomplishments and reflect on them before moving on, is the best recipe for life balance for personal fulfillment and for success.

Until next time…



See the full interview with Rhonda Walker and WDIV TV 4 by clicking below:

Lions prep young players for tough situations

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National Etiquette Week – #scarletetiquetteweek2015

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Guess what week it is! It’s National Etiquette Week and Scarlet will not miss this opportunity to get in on the action! You can look out for fun opportunities to engage with Scarlet all week long.

Monday: Kick off your week with positivity and thanks! Write 3 people a hand written thank you note thanking them for something that they’ve done for you. Believe me – they’ll remember and it’ll get you some major relationship building points. We stopped by Michael’s and they have a fantastic sale on thank you cards!

Tuesday: Share your etiquette pet peeves! The only way we can really live, work and play together is if we’re aware of how to best engage with each other. Share these pet peeves on our Facebook wall, by tagging us on Twitter or even tagging us in a photo on Instagram! We look forward to seeing your posts! Don’t forget the hashtag: #scarletetiquetteweek2015

Wednesday: What’s one etiquette rule that you think should totally go out the door? We embrace modern, real-world etiquette so we’re dying to know your thoughts! Share your items on our Facebook wall, by tagging us on Twitter or even tagging us in a photo on Instagram! We look forward to seeing your posts! Don’t forget the hashtag: #scarletetiquetteweek2015

Thursday: If there were a Scarlet Award – an award for someone who exemplifies what it means to be considerate of others, embrace perspectives and has a great sense of style, let us know. This doesn’t need to be the quintessential standard of what “style” normally is. This could be someone who just has their own flare, style or look. Who do you know? Let us know! Post about them on our Facebook wall, by tagging us and them on Twitter or even uploading a photo of them and tagging us on Instagram! We look forward to seeing your posts! Don’t forget the hashtag: #scarletetiquetteweek2015

Friday: If you could change your workplace by enforcing this one office etiquette practice. What would it be? Share your item on our Facebook wall, by tagging us on Twitter or even tagging us in a photo on Instagram! We look forward to seeing your posts! Don’t forget the hashtag: #scarletetiquetteweek2015

We are super siked about all your upcoming posts this week! If you don’t want to engage online, but you still want to share, simply email us at info@scarletcomm.com.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Until Next Time,



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ASK SCARLET is now live on the Scarlet Says Blog.

Ready? Set! ASK SCARLET!

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Use What You Got To Get What You Need!

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Personal-Development-mag-glass.1What is it that you need? Chances are, you’re in need of something. Some of us are in hot pursuit of a career boost, a mate, or maybe even more time to do the things that we love. In an effort to get those things, you might seek out some help, which often comes in the form of getting others and other resources involved.

But, WAIT!

Before you seek the consult and advice of others, use what you already have to get what you need. Think about it. When is the last time that you glanced over at the mountain of books that you’ve collected and considered revisiting some of that information to advance your career or relationships? When is the last time that you accessed those e-books and pod casts that you reserved to listen to later and never got around to? When is the last time that you looked back through all of those articles that you bookmarked while browsing the internet thinking, how great they would be to read once you made the time to do so?

Well, now is the time! Take out those collections of self-help, career and dating resources and get to working!

Now, you might be thinking, Scarlet, what in the world does this have to do with etiquette? Well, think about some of the top things that you do when you need something. You generally:

  • Ask for advice (get other people involved)
  • Start searching online (spending more time and maybe additional money)
  • Do nothing and complain (which is ultimately never productive)

All three of those things can be huge bad etiquette traps, that can be easily avoided. Recently, we released a video on How to ask for advice, and while there is certainly protocol on how to best ask for advice, wouldn’t it be more reasonable if you could answer your own questions with the information that you already own and avoid getting others involved unnecessarily? Just a few weeks ago, we shared a post on How much time we waste online daily. I’m sure that we could all use a little more time in our lives to do the things that we really want to do and we might be able to do so if we occasionally revisited our collection of personal resources. Lastly, think about someone in your life who never seeks to identify solutions and opts for complaining instead.  Sure things go bad and unexpected in our lives, but our individual abilities to seek out solutions and consider the brighter side of things is what positively enhances our lives and the lives of those around us.

In pursuit of our goals, dreams and aspirations, we’ll surely need help in order to succeed. But, if you’ve taken the time to amass a collection of books, videos, articles, quotes and magazines, be sure to use those things to your advantage, and then when necessary, seek the appropriate consult of others and other resources.


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1-Minute with Scarlet – How To Ask For A Raise

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Are you not engaged at work because you feel like you aren’t being fairly compensated?  Check out this video re-release on “How To Ask For A Raise”!

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