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Did You Know? – The Power of Repitition

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Did You Know - Repitition

In order to commit something to memory, you should repeat it 15 to 20 times.

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Are You Clearly Communicating?

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ImageThe cost of poor communication can be expensive. Think about how many times that an argument, misunderstanding or chaotic situation could have been avoided if there were just the presence of clear communication. The tricky part of communication is that so much of it has nothing to do with the words that come out of our mouths, but instead include a host of several different factors, many of which are ignored. Consider that our communication is generally broken down into 7% words, 55% visual and 38% delivery.

Your actual words contribute to a small amount of how you communicate. To effectively communicate, make sure that you consider:

Your Word Selection: The actual words that you use make up for 7% of your communication. Contrary to popular belief, this is a small amount of your overall communication, but every little bit counts. Think wisely about the words that you choose to use. A consideration of age, culture, demographic, industry and education should all be considered before deciding on using a certain set of words or phrases.

The Visual: Humans are generally visual creatures. We are excited and engaged by what we see, whether positive or negative. 55% of our communication is delivered through the visual. You often hear the phrase, “always dress your best”. Surely what you wear, how your hair is styled and other appearance factors should not be the sole indicators of the value that you bring or the knowledge that you have, but the element of attention span is always working against us. Did you know that the average adult attention span is a mere 7 seconds? That’s not even enough time to take a sip of coffee and really enjoy it. The ability to quickly and positively attract someones attention is becoming more and more difficult as we are tasked with more expectations. Whether for good of for bad how your present yourself plays a major role in what it is you are trying to (or not trying to) communicate. 

The Delivery: What you say and the visuals that come along with it only make up a part of the package. How you say it makes up 38% of your communication. The delivery includes your tone, rate of speech and volume. Gently whispering, “So, how are you” greatly differs from loudly yelling, “So, how are you”. If you’ve spent time on purposely crafting the right words and ensuring that the visuals that come along with your words are appropriate, spending a little more time on making sure that your delivery is impeccable will help to increase the chances that your message is communicated that way that you intended for it to be.

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Your Name Is Your Name

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noun ˈskär-lət

1: scarlet cloth or clothes
2: any of various bright reds
3: etiquette and employee engagement

Is your name difficult to pronounce or is it assumed that your name is pronounced one way when in fact it is pronounced another way? Do you feel guilty about correcting people on the pronunciation of your name? DON’T!

Your name is your name and you have the right to request for it to be spelled and said correctly. This also applies to name abbreviations or shortenings. If your name is Robert and you don’t prefer Bob, Scarlet Says, it is perfectly fine to say, “I know that most people don’t mind Robert being shortened to Bob, but I really do think Robert sounds better and I prefer it.”

Remember, your name is the gateway to your identification and if that is said and spelled wrong, imagine what else will be allowed…

Until Next Time…


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I QUIT!!!!!

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You have grown increasingly unhappy with your job and you have decided it’s time for you to leave.

Most of us deep down inside would like to make a dramatic movie-styled exit…you know the one that involves clearing off your desk with one swoop of your arm and quoting words from the movie, Half Baked…Yes, that kind of exit…

Well, forget about it. It is highly likely that you will run into someone from your employment again and likely in a professional setting. Don’t give them the power to judge you with the last memory of you being a mad man/woman stunt that was uncalled for.

Would it be initially funny and some what liberating….yes, but the joke would ultimately be on you. Consider this…with or without you, the company will go on and will replace you, so your stunt only becomes a historical joke for employees to recap. This stunt gives you no leverage at future companies and adds no new entries on your resume.

Scarlet Says…Leave on the most professional grounds. Submit a professional resignation letter and provide ample time to properly transition out of your position.

Even if you are leaving to go into an entirely different industry or to start your own company, consider that you may be asking these same people to purchase your products in the future. Don’t set yourself up to fail in the future by burning the bridges you’ve crossed…

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Who am I?

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Who Am I?

About a week ago, I was asked to take part in an interview and photo shoot for an upcoming publication. I was very aware that during the interview, I would be asked questions like, what do you do, where do you work, what are your daily job functions, etc. This question made me cringe, because although I am happy doing multiple things with my life professionally, the possibility of appearing to be over exposed and over committed plagued my mind.

Ironically and somewhat thankfully,  I happen to be apart of a network of talented young professionals who are all involved in more than one professional obligation. Some have day time jobs and a few businesses that they either own or are heavily involved in and they do a great job balancing it all out.

I happen to also be one of those individuals who is involved in several business ventures with multiples organizations and a plethora of community service projects. So, the answer to the question, “what do you do” is usually not easy to answer. When I first think about that question, it seems easy to answer. “I do XYZ”, but I really don’t do XYZ. I do NOPQRSTUVWX and sometimes Y.

When you are placed in a situation where you are a multi-faced individual professionally, you may end up asking yourself, is now the best time to say that I am involved with these other ventures? Will these other projects that I am working on be a deterrent to another individual hiring me? Is there an unknown conflict between some of the projects that I am working on and the individual that I am speaking with? Now, I have been known to over think a few things here and there, but in recent conversations with other young professionals, this seems to be a common worry/concern. Imagine attending a networking event.  Who will you be at the event? Should you only be one of the many things that you represent? Is it ok to pass out different business cards at the event?

Well, as much as I would like to say, I am all-knowing and have the answer to this question, I don’t. Well…I didn’t have the answer, until I talked to my marketing consultant* this past weekend. My question was simple, how do you decide who you will be when you are a multi-faceted person professionally?

Now truly, you want to convey your success and capabilities to people who you meet at a networking event, but how do you do this when you represent so many things. Well, if you are at an industry specific networking event, of course you need to only represent that facet of your career, but if you are at a general networking event where everyone is discussing everything, what do you focus on?

You focus on you. You happen to be the nucleus of all of the talents that you possess, so you simply market yourself. Don’t bother with giving out 2, 3 or 4 business cards that explain the many faces of you. Instead, consider creating one business card that embodies all that you do in a tactful and efficient way.

If you are a person who simply focuses on one thing and you are dynamic at only that ,then perhaps this post doesn’t apply to you.  Nonetheless, more and more, people are diversifying their portfolio and have become talented in several areas and in most cases, these talents are unrelated to one another.

So, network your heart away and continuously diversify your portfolio, but just be mindful of how you spread the word about your eclectic accomplishments.

Until next time…

— Scarlet

*Special thanks to Cherice Johnson, Get Incited Marketing; www.getincited.com*


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