Grooming Etiquette


Grooming Etiquette with Scarlet is designed to provide students with guidelines and direction on how to identify their personal style and determine how to decide proper dress for various occasions.

Grooming Etiquette Coverage

Poise and Posture, Your Personal Style, Dressing for the Occasion, Tying a tie, Makeup Applications, Stand, Sitting, Rising, Stairs and Steps, Bending to Pick Up Objects, Entering and Exiting a Car


A professional makeup artist (females) and a suit designer (males) will join the class to provide teen friendly makeup and attire advice and tutorials.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify how to address for various occasions
  • Determine basic facial cleansing and grooming techniques
  • Demonstrate how to properly stand, sit and rise
  • Demonstrate how to maintain good posture


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