Dining Etiquette


Dining Etiquette with Scarlet is designed to provide students with comprehensive training that encompasses all dining etiquette and protocol guidelines.


Plated and Buffet Eating Styles (American and Continental), Eating Properly, Napkin Usage, Glassware and Tableware, Starting and Finish Eating, When Silence is Golden, Overcoming the10 Most Commonly Made Eating Errors, Posture at the Table, Excusing Yourself, Handling Difficult-to-eat Foods, Dining Dos and Don’ts


This course includes an interactive full 3-course meal.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Properly set a simple and formal dining setting
  • Identify protocol for casual and formal dining environments
  • Demonstrate server signs and tips
  • Calculate an appropriate tip
  • Identify dining guidelines and protocol


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