Communication Etiquette


Communication Etiquette with Scarlet is designed to arm students with the proper tools and information to conduct proper face to face communication.

Communication Etiquette Coverage

Introducing Yourself, Responding to An Introduction, Introducing Others, Using Titles, Remembering Names, Greetings Around the World , Proper Handshakes, Personal Qualities That Count, How to Start and Maintain a Conversation, Eye Contact ,Giving and Accepting Compliments, Listening, Asking Questions , Talking About Yourself, Saying Goodbye, Talking to Parents, Giving and Receiving Gifts, Thank-you Notes and Handwritten Notes, Speaking Correct English, Telephone Etiquette, 10 Commandments of Cell Phone Use


All students will gain hands-on impromptu speaking skills in preparation for success in their future.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Properly introduce themselves and maintain a conversation
  • Determine proper greetings
  • Demonstrate how to properly give and receive compliments
  • Understand how to give and receive gifts
  • Demonstrate proper cell phone etiquette


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