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Scarlet’s NFL Draft Picks

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You can almost smell it in the air! The first sign of the return of the NFL season is only a few days away. On Thursday, May 8th, the first round of the NFL Draft begins. Are you planning to make an evening of it? Well, Scarlet has to throw in her draft pick choices! We’re not talking about the player choices… we’ll leave that up to you! Let’s talk about the draft party pick choices. As you prepare to have people over, or even engage in conversation about who you think will go to which team, consider these few things:

  • Having People Over? : Where will your guests sit? The NFL draft is a lengthy process. Think through where people will sit. Now, this doesn’t have to be a fancy affair where you rent out fancy chivari chairs and such. Some bean bags and folding chairs will likely do.
  • Engaging In Debate: Debates are fine. I mean, who doesn’t get rowled up about a great player coming to their home team?! But, don’t let your passion for the game result in ruining a friendship or two. Debate…in moderation please.
  • Food. Drink. BYOB. : If you’re inviting a few folks over, plan to at least have a few snacks for them to nibble on. Don’t feel indebted to laying out a four course meal, but remember that for many, the draft starts during peak dinner time. You might even consider having guests bring a dish or beverage to keep the party going.
  • Are You An Internet Thug?: Avoid being that human that uses the internet to post, say, share and communicate things that you know you wouldn’t say in real life. Some friendly back and forth banter and maybe even some good old fashioned smack talk is OK, but when you seek to cross the offensive line or make personal jabs about someone, you’ve probably gone too far.
  • Bring Something: If you are lucky enough to be invited over to an NFL Draft Party, bring something…anything. There are always the safe go to’s for this kind of shin dig like: wine, beer, chips, pretzels, dip, salsa, etc! If you know the host(s) well, do go out on a limb and bring something that you know they’d like. Whatever you do, just don’t go empty handed.

Enjoy your draft party experiences this week!

I’ll see you again soon!

– Scarlet

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The Social Media Sabbatical

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My sister is currently taking a break from Facebook. Why? She was tired of the drama.

“Tired of the drama”, as it pertains to social media, can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. My sister was tired of the cryptic messages from “so called” friends, messages hoping to guilt Facebook friends to draw out their issues.

For social media marketers, the drama comes with the constant battle to remain relevant while battling to get your ideas and shared articles seen by the audience you’ve carefully cultivated.

Social media has many benefits, making it easy to love. These benefits include:

  • Keeping up with friends and family who live far away

  • Reconnecting with friends and peers from our past

  • Connecting with prospects and peers within our industry

  • Staying on top of the latest news

  • and more …

However, there are two sides to every story and keeping up to date on social media isn’t all sunshine and smelling the roses. Some social woes include:

  • Anonymity breeding contempt and poor behavior

  • It can be a HUGE timesuck

  • Strong opinions shared can cause equally strong response

  • Sarcasm can be hard to spot digitally, leading to hurt feelings

  • and more …

The lists for both the pros and cons of social media activity could continue on for quite some time. And, funnily enough, what’s a pro to you might perceived as a con by your best pal or closest colleague.

There’s no denying that social media, in some shape, form or platform, is certainly here to stay. There’s also no denying that social media elicits some pretty strong emotions, from love to hate and all the steps in-between.

Where do you stand on the social media emotional timeline? Do you still love every last bit of it? Do you shake your head at the silliness and lack of sensitivity? Or are you ready to take a lengthy hiatus?

– Special Guest Blogger: Mallie Hart, Go Creative Go & The Social Solutions Collective

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“To err is human; to forgive, divine”

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To Err is Human.1To Err is Human.1

To Err.1.1

Guest Blogger: Mallie Hart

“To err is human; to forgive, divine”

Many, oh my – EVER so many – a digital marketer has made a mistake. I’d dare say it’s impossible to take part in social media or digital marketing without making a mistake. The rapid changes that are part and parcel of digital marketing make it easy to misstep and even sometimes blunder.

While mistakes are inevitable, how we react to a mistake is anything but. Response and reaction have to be:

  • timely

  • honest

  • genuine

  • meaningful

  • appropriate

The more immediate your response to a mess up, the better, of course. Timeliness in dealing with a mistake is crucial. The longer you let a mistake go unfixed, the more bad and negative feelings can fester.

However, before you jump into a quick fix, you must consider the other key elements of proper response.

Responding in a less than honest way will only add to your negative press. Passing the buck or playing the game blame don’t make you look good. Your customer wants an honest and open response. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience. They know you’ve messed up and they’re looking for your to make it right.

You don’t have to give away industry secrets while you’re being honest. Instead, candidly admit to the mistake or negative issue and share a genuine apology. Again, genuine is key. Your audience is intelligent and digitally savvy, they can suss out insincerity with ease. Genuine always works better when dealing with a mistake.

Your apology for the mistake also must be appropriate. You don’t want to spend more time and money on the fix than is necessary, yet, nor should you engage in cheap or quick fixes.  Consider the potential impact of the mistake and then consider the appropriate apologetic action and then act accordingly.

It’s the human factor of social media marketing that makes it truly social. It’s that same humanity that makes us prone to the occasional error.  It’s important to remain human when we deal with errors and mistakes, lest we create a lasting negative and less than social impression of our brand, business and digital presence.



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Are You Playing Chat Room Double Dutch?

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When is the last time that you tried to accomplish a million things at one time? Of those things, what was really accomplished?

For us, this year is a year of purposeful intentions and strategic decision-making. Those plans always sound fantastic, until you get pulled into several different directions throughout your day-to-day routines. One common way that you get pulled into multiple directions and subsequently sucked into the bad online etiquette realm, is during your online communication. The average adult has at least 2.5 different social networks that they actively engage on, most of which have a built-in instant message feature.  The social network itself can certainly keep you  busy and engaged, but on top of that you get further engaged by instant messages that usually result in your immediate and divided attention.

Check out the article titled, Netiqeutte: Stuck Playing Musical Chats?, by Scarlet’s principal consultant, Jacqueline M. Baker.

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I Got A Big Ego!

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Ego.1Are you smart? Attractive? Good at your job? Have a gift of gab? Chances are, you are good at something, as you should be. While there really isn’t a problem with being good at something, there is a problem with being so good at something that you are unwilling to get any better and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. So, how do you get better? How do we keep our looming egos in check and under control so that we can embrace the possibilities of ongoing improvement? Below are three ways to keep our egos in check and embrace continuous improvement and learning:

Actively Listen: We recently did an entire blog post on actively listening, because it is so essential to practicing good etiquette and to our personal growth. Just think about the last few conversations that you had. Were you actively listening or were you waiting (impatiently) for your chance to give your opining or feedback? Sometimes, we are so anxious to give our own opinion that we really haven’t even listened to the real situation at hand. Regardless of how much you think you know about a matter being discussed, actively listen so that you’ll be sure that you have the facts and appropriate information. For more on actively listening, click HERE.

Respect Perspectives: You have an opinion and you are entitled to it; so does everyone else in your life. Chances are, your five closest friends have completely different backgrounds, educational paths, college majors and career choices. The experiences that we all have cause us to have different perspectives. It’s virtually impossible for two people to have the exact same set of experiences in life. Because of this, we all end up with slightly different perspectives. During your next conversation, debate or disagreement, before you make a snap judgment about someone, their decisions or their outlook, ask yourself (or them), what is their perspective?

Dream A Little: “We always do it like that”, “That’s never been done” and “That can’t be done” are phrases that stunt your imagination and growth. They are also phrases that are usually ego driven. Innovation and change can easily cause a sense of fear and hesitation, but they also produce some of the best ideas and solutions. Managing your ego means being open to the possibility that perhaps “my way” isn’t the best and only way to get something done. Daydream, think outside the box and consider new options. Perhaps there really is a better way to get something that you’ve always done more efficiently and effectively.

Until next time,

– Scarlet

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Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Young Professionals

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  1. First impressions count: We all have our bad days, but limiting how they affect your attitude and appearance is best. You are often remembered for the rest of your life by your initial presentation. Look your best, offer a free smile and present the best possible version of you, every time.
  2. Tact always wins: We all get a little frustrated and perhaps even worked up sometimes, but tact ALWAYS wins. Take a breathe. Walk away. Spend a moment alone. Do whatever it takes to always remain graceful and exude tact.
  3. Respect your social network: Employers, associates, friends, colleges, colleagues and pretty much everyone else checks your social networking pages and they likely have searched for you in search engines like, Google, Bing and Yahoo. Is your online presence acceptable?
  4. Be grateful: Did you get a gift lately or did someone do something nice for you? Thank them by first verbally saying thank you, then by sending them a hand written thank you note. (Emailed thank you notes are ok, but hand-written notes and cards are magic.)
  5. Mind your body language: There is so much than can be said without saying a word. Your posture, your eye contact, folded arms or excessive leaning can communicate vibes that you are not truly trying to communicate.  Be mindful of what you are saying…without saying anything.
  6. Names…Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: If you are a human, you likely are amongst your other fellow humans in struggling to remember names. While mastering the art of names takes a while, the best way to begin the journey is to repeat their names as much as possible throughout a conversation. Everyone wants to feel special and the most simple way to make someone feel special is to know, utilize and respect their name.
  7. To eat or not to eat: Interviews and meetings occur in so many different formats and venues. At some point, you will have to conduct an interview or a meeting over a meal. Generally speaking, interviews and meetings over meals are not designed for you to have the meal of your life. They are a convenience factor because you have to eat and so does your meeting counterpart. They also offer an opportunity for your counterpart to see how you conduct yourself outside of an office environment. Three quick tips for dining over meals are: don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu, prepare to pay your part of the meal or the entire meal if you called the meeting and limit your alcohol intake.
  8. Some things are a given now: As a young professional, there are now things that should go without saying. A few things include: always turn off your cell phone or silence it in professional or business settings,  learn how to shake hands the right way; no bone crushers or wet rag shakes and respect others time by always being on time, but preferably arriving early.
  9. Sneak texts: It’s incredibly obvious when you are disengaged in a situation and more engaged in texting instead. Save your reputation, respect the presence of others and spend a little more time with humans versus your electronic communication pal (your phone).
  10. Dress the part. If you are invited somewhere and a dress code is indicated, respect it and adhere to it. If you are unsure of the dress code, always dress up versus dressing down.

Until Next Time,

Scarlet Signature

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Are You a Status Hi-Jacker?

It’s so amazing how many things you can talk about and engage your friends/followers in while utilizing your social networks.

But, do you ever have that person who wants to just railroad your status and talk about whatever they want? You really want to say, “hey woman/man, we aren’t even talking about that, stick to the topic”… Well, that response sounds a little harsh, but there are other ways to address the issue.

Using the delete button is your right. You own your status and what goes on it, so if inappropriate things are posted, you can and should delete them.

You can address the issue by making light of the subject. Send them a direct message answering what ever it was or commenting on whatever it was that they posted. You can also state why you deleted it (if you’d like) when you send them a private/direct message.

You have the right to control your status and since Scarlet Says, to always be graceful,  you can tactfully respond to the message privately and delete it if necessary.

Until Next Time,

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#2: The Double Life Syndrome: Top 10 Etiquette Tips for 2012

Have you ever met someone and thought, “wow, this person is totally different online?”

Some people have chosen to create a totally different life and personality online as if real life humans can’t and eventually won’t recognize the difference.



Scarlet Says…You are the same person you are online as you are in real life. Don’t post, type or tweet something that you would not say verbally. As you type, recognize that your keystrokes provide an emotional impact to someone on the other end. Social Networking Etiquette should be an integral part of how we communicate with others.

Until next time…


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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ok, perhaps this is a perfectly appropriate time to have a completely capitalized message.

But, is capitalizing every single thing that you post or type really necessary? Ironically, if you capitalize everything, you actually end up cancelling out the effect that you THINK you are creating because contacts of yours just identify you as “the person who always types in caps for no apparent reason.”

Capitalized messages have their place, but they aren’t necessary every single time you type a message.

Scarlet Says…Capitalize In Moderation…

Until next time…


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#4: When Your Avatar Isn’t Yours: Top 10 Etiquette Tips for 2012

Have you ever gotten a request from someone on a social networking site and you thought maybe you might want to accept the request but, the picture is of some random thing that doesn’t remotely represent who the person is?

It’s true that if you have children, they probably have some adorable pictures and it’s equally true that your favorite flower probably photographs well, but how is setting those things as your profile picture going to let your potential contacts know that it’s YOU that is requesting them.

Scarlet Says…set your profile picture so that contacts that you request know who you are and don’t have to investigate your background before deciding to accept.

Until next time…


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